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 20 years have brought lots of milestones to the Gilbert + Burke team, but here are some that really stick out.

Over the past 20 years in business, we have been lucky to build a business that we’re proud of with clients that we think of as family. Each step along the way has been a new milestone, and each step has been one that has helped us get to where we are today. When we look back on the last two decades in business, there are several key events that stand out to us as special mile markers along the way. From bringing on business partners to rebranding, step back in time with us for an exploration of the things that have helped make us into the Gilbert + Burke that we are today.


2018 Christmas party

In 2000, Randy Burke began a business that he called Evergreen Home & Cottage with a tool belt and a truck. Officed out of the den in his house, Randy began to build up the business with help from his wife Cathy, who helped in the evenings with accounting. In 2001, we hired our first employee (who is still with us!). In 2004, Cathy started full time with the company, the office was moved to the home garage, and we became Evergreen Home & Cottage Inc. Fast-forward to 2014, and Brian Gilbert was brought on as a partner. We rebranded to Gilbert + Burke Associates Ltd., moving our in-home office to Lindsay, along with a satellite office. In 2015, we purchased Peter Groza’s company. He became our senior designer, and the rest is history!



Side by side of our show booth from 20 years ago as Evergreen Home & Cottage (left) beside our current show booth (right)


During our last 20 years, Gilbert + Burke has undergone quite a bit of movement. From our beginnings working out of a home-based office, we’ve built our business at the same time that we’ve built our client’s homes. Started 20 years ago as Evergreen Home & Cottage, lots of things have changed. However, what hasn’t changed is our loyalty and commitment to each person who walks through our doors to create their own vision of home. We’re thrilled to keep going, building and moving right alongside each of you.

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