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Spend your summer days doing everything from hiking to sightseeing around the Kawartha Lakes.


When the sun is shining down and the air seems a little brighter, you know you’re in the beautiful and stunning Kawartha Lakes region. At Gilbert + Burke, we’re big fans of the area and do everything from spend our free time to build houses there. If you’re a newbie to the Kawartha Lakes area or just someone looking for new, fun things to do, we have you covered with all the best things to do. 


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Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a long hike or a historical day trip, these Kawartha Lakes activities hit the spot. Pack up the kids, grab your partner or simply settle in by yourself for days of activities that will have you telling everyone you know about the beauty that lies in and around Kawartha Lakes.


Lace-up your hiking shoes


The Kawartha Lakes are home to the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail, a magnificent outdoor space that an old railroad bed once called home. Instead of travelling by train, lace up your hiking shoes or set off for a cycling adventure. The Kawartha swath of trail takes up almost 54 km of space, making it one of those places that you’ll simply never get tired of. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, ride horses or even snowmobile in the winter. This lush, green space is a true Gilbert + Burke favourite and is sure to be one of yours, too. The Kawartha Lakes area is also home to plenty of other outdoor beauties, from nature preserves to lakefront. Explore, explore, explore!


Set out on the water


There are few things that we love more than being out on the water, whether while fishing or simply relaxing with friends. In the Kawartha Lakes, you have lots of options for water fun. Whether you’re drawn to Balsam Lake or Clear Lake, there are endless options to choose from. Paddle, kayak, canoe, fish or swim for as long as your heart wishes, boat in the Trent-Severn Waterway and get ready for an experience that will leave you breathless -- the waters in the Kawartha Lakes are simply not to be beaten!


Go back in time


The Kawartha Lakes region is loaded with historical spots to seek out, making your excursions fun and educational for kids and adults alike. Explore an old farm turned historical haven at Kawartha Settlers’ Village, have a picnic outside at the Cannington Centennial Museum, visit the Old Stone Church or drive around to look at the heritage properties around the area. 


Stay hungry


Great and delicious food isn’t hard to seek out in the Kawartha Lakes, because it’s everywhere! Whether you’re wanting to stock up on local, fresh, juicy produce from the farmers’ market or enjoy the best-of-the-best ice cream from the Kawartha Dairy, your bellies will be full and your hearts will be happy. You’ll also want to check out the thriving food scene, from exploring craft breweries to devouring melt-in-your-mouth butter tarts. Yum!


At Gilbert + Burke, we’re big believers that exploring the area you live in is the only way to truly fall in love with your home. Explore with us always by signing up for Kawartha Lakes updates.


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