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If you’re a vintage cottage owner (or soon to be) and you’ve decided you’re going to invest in a remodel or rebuild—how do you go about taking the right steps to ensure you end up with the cottage of your dreams? Here’s our advice to help you on your way:

Find the diamond in the rough
That is, if you don’t already own a vintage cottage. Keep your short and long term goals for the property at the fore as you make your selection. Location is important, but also the structural ‘bones’ and how it will function for you and your family.

Get a professional assessment
It’s no secret that here are often hidden concerns behind the walls of an aging cottage. A professional will give you the full, honest picture to help you budget for your remodelling project.

Design to suit
Is this a retirement dream? Is this a family getaway? Is this your dream escape from an urban/suburban weekday? The goals for the property and your lifestyle should determine the majority of your design decisions.

A professional by any other name…
Do your research. Find a design-build professional that has experience or a specialization in vintage cottage renovations. There are complexities unique to these types of property and you’ll want someone with exclusive expertise navigating the problems as they arise.

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