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The large driveway at the front of the house. The are well-manicured gardens hugging the sides of the road.Deck your halls! It’s the time of year for hosting holiday guests. And there’s no house that helps you make a bigger holiday impression than the “Entertainer’s Delight.”


In all honesty, you could make a strong case for calling it the “Guest’s Delight,” too. The house offers so many grandiose holiday possibilities, getting to party here is the equivalent of living out a bombastic holiday song. And as the ideal setting for such a sensational seasonal bash, there are several features which set the house apart as the perfect location for a festive get-together like no other.

A large dining room with a round table, around which are several seats. Behind glass doors on one side of the room is a large wine cabinet. In the background is the living room with a fireplace.

Stocking Up on Holiday Treats

If you’re hosting the ultimate holiday party, you’ll no doubt be serving a lot of sumptuous food and drink, dishing out hors d'oeuvres, a full-course meal, and free-flowing libations. Naturally, you’ll need plenty of storage for all those goodies. And at the Entertainer’s Delight, you have it. Home to a large wine cabinet, an abundance of fridge space, as well as more than enough room for all your other food, you can be sure your guests will be well-fed.


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Spaces for Cooking...

As the Entertainer’s Delight boasts a large kitchen space, there’s a lot of room to prepare and present that aforementioned abundance of food and drink. Just like the food, there will also be plenty of room left over for guests to hang around and chat while their host or hostess cooks. Or if the cooking is best left to someone (or several people) more culinarily inclined, the kitchen also provides more than enough room for caterers to work their magic while the hosts can entertain their guests.


The living room at night, lit up by lamps and light fixtures. There are a few couches, a centrally-placed fireplace, and a high sloped ceiling.

...and Conversation

When you’re ready to serve the main course, an ample dining room keeps everybody eating comfortably together. And afterwards, the party can continue on the other side of the centrally-located fireplace, in the open living room which allows for movement and conversation and free-flowing as the drinks. And with an array of one-of-a-kind finishes and furniture, the Entertainer’s Delight offers a great deal of customization that makes the space truly unique.


An exterior wood-plank deck with deck chairs. Through some scattered trees, the deck faces a lake.

Bringing the Party Outdoors

Even though there’s always a chance the weather takes a nasty turn in December, the gorgeous grounds surrounding the Entertainer’s Delight house will make your party guests want to spill the festivities outside. Out here, under expansive country skies, you’ll enjoy entertainment spaces and seating areas bounded by tasteful gardens and landscaping. And if that winter chill does rear its ugly head, there are places for you to build a wood fire, keeping spirits high and bodies cozy.

A furnished bedroom with queen bed, a few armchairs, a high arched ceiling, and television.

Turning in for the Night

A holiday party at the Entertainer’s Delight is likely to last well into the night, so why not give guests the option to stick around until the following morning? The house boasts beautiful – and ample – bathroom and sleeping spaces, along with luxurious bedding for your guests. Now nobody has to feel like they’re imposing on their hosts, reducing the worry anyone will risk drinking and driving. Even when you’re a guest, you’ll feel like your home for the holidays.


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