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Over the past 20 years, we’ve been lucky to have some incredible projects -- like this unique renovation that includes a beautiful pool, new kitchen, bathrooms, living area and home gym.


Year: 2014 - 15


During the history of Gilbert + Burke, we’ve completed many challenging projects. While it may seem like we primarily discuss new builds or big construction achievements, we really do enjoy the challenge of a good, old-fashioned renovation. A particular standout came into the picture for us 5 years ago, with a renovation for the ages. For the 1970’s Home & Pool Reno project, we were able to work to completely transform a 1970’s home in Caledon, ON to an oasis with the quirkiness of the original build.


When our client -- a doctor who wanted a country retreat to share with friends -- fell in love with the location and feel of the 1970’s home, she decided that she was willing to take the time, money, work and effort into making the house into a beautiful getaway. However, we were facing a challenge. With insulation, age and rot challenges, we were all in for a fairly massive renovation scope. With some creativity, we were able to re-excavate what is now the indoor pool area, replace and fix the rot in every cedar wall, add commercial ventilation to control humidity, replace all plumbing, electrical and heating and realign room functions.


We then moved on to the rest of the home with major room changes that allowed for a large family kitchen, butler pantry, three new ensuite baths and a powder room. When all was said and done, we had helped to renovate the 1970’s home into a beautiful home that held onto the spirit of the decade it was built in. We packed the home with unique features, including everything from a dog wash and steam shower to panoramic doors and an indoor, heated floor pool. The expanded kitchen has plenty of room to entertain, with attached butler pantry leading to an outdoor dining area. We also included a wood-fired pizza oven, gym room and sauna bath to create an escape for our client that continues to encapsulate kitschiness and luxury all in one. The refurbished bedroom and bath spaces allow hosting of large gatherings.As a special project full of heart, the 1970’s Home & Pool Reno remains one of our absolute favorite projects throughout our 20 years.


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