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From relaxing shores to fun beaches, here are Gilbert + Burke’s favourite spots on Lake Simcoe.


There’s nothing quite like stretching out on the sand, feeling the sun beam down on your face and soaking in nature. One of our favourite places to relax near the water is on the gorgeous beaches of Lake Simcoe, which feels almost like it’s light years away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll find Lake Simcoe about an hour and a half drive from Toronto, making it the perfect day trip that’s not too close but also not too far from home. As part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, Lake Simcoe is part of the connection between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay.


Beaches on Lake Simcoe

The stunning, sparkling waters of the lake are a Gilbert + Burke favourite, along with the many beaches that call Lake Simcoe home. Here are our picks for some of the absolute best beaches that lay alongside Lake Simcoe:


De La Salle Park Beach


Soak in the warm waters of Lake Simcoe with a visit to the beach of De La Salle Park, which is a great place to do everything from playing beach volleyball and reading on the sand to setting up a picnic and kicking around the soccer ball. De La Salle Park sits on the edge of Lake Simcoe with amenities available for use like soccer fields, picnic tables, beach volleyball courts and a playground for the kiddos. With stunning views and a relaxed, playful vibe, De La Salle Park and nearby Franklin Beach are just waiting for your great afternoon. 


Johnson Beach


Perched north of Kempenfelt Bay, Johnson Beach is the perfect spot for a beautiful view and quieter feel for a day on the beach. At the hidden oasis off of the Waterfront Trail, you’ll see everything from a stunning view of the city to crashing waves. The private, secluded beach isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for loud community activities and lots of amenities, but it’s the perfect spot for a relaxing day with the soundtrack of bird calls and waves hitting the beach.


Centennial Park & Beach


One of our favourite sandy beaches on Lake Simcoe is Centennial Park & Beach, which is great for a full day of outdoor fun and giggles. The beach and park are full of amenities for those jam-packed beach days, whether you’re wanting to play a round of beach volleyball, pack a delightful little picnic or even take a walk along a piece of The Great Trail


No matter what time of year, you can find fun awaiting you in Simcoe County. The shores of Lake Simcoe stretch far and wide, giving you plenty of beaches to choose from and explore in. From Centennial Park & Beach to De La Salle Park, our favourite beaches on Lake Simcoe are just a small piece of the puzzle. 

Choose your adventure, and reach out to us if we missed your favourite Simcoe County spot. We love building AND swimming in the area, follow us for the best Simcoe updates from the G+B team. 




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