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A luxury cottage overlooks a stone staircase leading down towards a line of trees.Building a luxury home is unlike an ordinary home-building experience. The process itself will involve plenty of customization and all sorts of factors that don’t normally come into play at a less opulent level. And even if you joke that “money is no object” when bringing your dream home to life, you’ll want to ensure the project’s cost doesn’t spin out of control. Keep the following factors in mind when choosing who to build your luxury home, and you’ll end up with an enviable cottage country getaway.


You should choose a builder with adequate resources on both the administration side and the building capacity. This way, you’ll be well taken care of and the project will roll out smoothly. You want to be able to talk to someone on the team whenever and wherever so you can keep tabs on the construction progress. Know as much as possible so you can ensure your project will be ready when you want it to be, with plenty of customization and one-of-a-kind design detail to appreciate.


For high-value projects, construction management takes the guesswork out of the pricing structure. With an open book process, you can see and vet all of your costs. This gives you the control you want in your investment. From the first design phase and questionnaire to the creation of construction drawings, you'll be part of the budget development process for the cost of your project, including the project management fee. The project management team will continue to value engineer the project costs over the course of the build, enabling you to receive the best value for your investment.



A builder looks up from his construction work in a dirty room under renovation. There's drywall and insulation all over the floor.


Keeping your job site clean and safe for the work crew should be of top priority for you. Ensure that your builder follows provincial workplace safety standards and be sure to stay personally aware of the state of construction.

Investment Knowledge

Your luxury home isn’t just a place for you to escape the city and relax. It’s also a valuable asset that’s a good bet to gain in value. Choose a builder that can provide input on your choice of finishes as it relates to overall cost. This will help you decide on the choices you want to invest in so you end up with a home experience that’s enriching in more ways than one.



A luxury lakeside home sits on top a rocky shore, with steps leading down to a dock.

Lake Knowledge

Your team should have a good handle on the pre-construction, municipal, and legal requirements for new builds and remodels in lake country. Make sure your builder can connect you with the right planners, surveyors, etc., to get what you need to build what you want. Ideally, you’ll want the builder to take care of all these areas through their project management process.

Designing and building your luxury home is a more involved process than what the average new home buyer will tend to go through. Prepare yourself accordingly, knowing what to look out for, and you’ll find the right builder to help you realize the cottage country escape you always dreamed of living in.


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