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Discover the trendiest cottage styles when you check out the lastest home improvement trends for your deck and dock.Part of the joy of owning a cottage is being surrounded by the great outdoors. So it makes sense for many properties in cottage country to extend beyond a basic house and onto a deck or boat dock. Here are some of the latest home improvement trends we’ve seen in these outdoorsy parts of a cottage.

A pair of Muskoka chairs at the end of a wooden dock. With the sun glittering in the lake, is there a more cottage country image than this?

A Variety of Wood Flooring Options

Recently, homeowners have been using cedar or exotic woods like ipe to build their decks. A new product other owners have turned to includes thermally-modified wood, which resists rot decay without being treated with chemicals. There’s also material like Trex or other kinds of composite decking which have the look and feel of wood while also being resistant to termites, mildew, stains, and warping.


Storage Space

One of the hidden perks of a deck is being able to use the area beneath it as storage space. As more and more cottage-owners incorporate this into their decks, the means of keeping the space dry have improved, with new weatherproofing solutions allowing for year-round storage. Weatherproofing solutions like RainTight panels can be installed under your deck, while a finished surface like Duradek can work on the above section.  Either one is an effective way to keep this storage space sealed and protect your valuables.

Curved wooden railings make for an elegant look to your deck.


Decks and docks don’t need to be built with angles so sharp you could grate cheese on them. Rounded edges are easier than ever to include in these outdoor spaces. Composite decking will help you add this flair to yours thanks to its technology which can be moulded to any shape, giving your space pleasant rounded borders. These edges are popular to install around pools, seating areas, bars, walkways, and staircases.


Get a more open look to your deck with "naked" railings that incorporate glass windows.

Naked Railings

Get a grander view from your deck with railings that let you see everything. Give yourself an epic vantage point with a glass railing, then take it to the next step with a “naked” look that forgoes the top rail entirely.


Bring more than the barbecue to your outdoor cottage cooking with an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchens

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you only cook outside. But as long as you’re barbecuing out on your deck, there are plenty of options with which you can outfit your deck space with a sink, cabinets, and a refrigerator. This can be a bit more involved, with the need for plumbing, possible gas lines, and a more robust electrical system. But on the bright side, you could eat outside without having to schlep everything from inside the house.


Now that you know what’s trending in decks and docks, check out our articles on home improvement trends in the kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom. Then bring all your plans together with our Ultimate Home Renovation Guide.


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