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Seeing inside an interior designer’s home is akin to peeking into a fashion designer’s closet.


Pick up the April issue of Style at Home Canada to see how florist and interior designer Cynthia Zamaria was inspired by the beauty of nature when working with Gilbert + Burke to create the stunning new wing of her farmhouse.


See how the design came together using a palette of nature-inspired hues and textures.



painting of a red haired women wearing a green floral robe smoking a cigarette

Page 72, titled “Nature as Muse”


Cynthia and her husband had always appreciated old homes, so the design of the new wing gives off a traditional vibe with various elements of rustic flair as well as her floral details to liven up the space. 


View more interior and exterior photos of the new wing in our Farmhouse Casual gallery. 


rustic kitchen with white walls next to living room



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