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If you’re wanting efficient flow and excellent communication on your next project, design-build is the direction you should go.


When you begin the thought process behind starting a new project like building a new home, cottage or boathouse, you’ll find hundreds of pages on the internet with conflicting information around how you should do it. Some people are die-hard believers in only buying already built homes, some people are huge fans of using separate contractors and designers in their projects and some people prefer to do the work themselves.

However, the best option you have when it comes to building a new project is to work with a design-build firm like Gilbert + Burke. In a design-build project, one firm manages every aspect of the building process, from the design conception to the material sourcing to the construction management. By working under a design-build contract, you can trust in flow, teamwork and better usage of time.


Here are 8 reasons why considering a design-build for your next project is the best way to do start a new home build:


1. Flow


Design-build projects ensure good workflow from the beginning, from design taste to work styles. Since every worker is under the same contract from start to finish, it’s much easier to keep continuity at the forefront. From keeping on schedule and budget to ensuring proper communication to finishing out projects in the best of ways, working with a design-build firm helps to keep everyone accountable for the same project.



2. Communication


When working with a design-build firm, communication is efficient and complete. With all of the work coming from one source, communication is central to the success of the project -- and, by coming from the top-down, it’s ensured to reach everyone. When you choose to work with a design-build firm, you can trust that the design-build team is communicating with each other effectively as well as keeping you in the loop at every step. Communication can often turn into an issue on big construction projects with multiple contracts, but not with design-build firms. The communication is managed at the top, which is priceless to the success of the project.


3. Time management


Instead of losing each other in a tangle of conflicting schedules and methods, design-build projects are expected to work together seamlessly on a schedule that makes sense for every team. Working with a design-build firm means that you’re working with people who benefit from intertwined project management and faster turnaround times.


4. Trust


Trust is of the utmost importance to design-build firms, starting with the vendors and contractors and ballooning out to the employees and customers. By collaborating with people and project managers that they repeatedly trust, design-build firms can ensure a level of communication and calibre that other firms simply cannot.


Exterior Finishes Johnston Cottage 07


5. Financial savings


With a team that works together on all levels, the cost comes way down. A budget is discussed at the start of the project, and that budget accountability combined with collaborative time schedules creates the perfect storm for maximizing value and minimizing extra spend.


6. Single responsibility


When working with a design-build firm, the middleman is cut out. All responsibility belongs to the project management firm, which helps to promote accountability, safety and cohesiveness from the top-down.


7. Quality control


Just like with design flow and collaborative time schedules, quality control is much easier to maintain with a design-build firm. Since the teams in design-build firms work together during each step of the project, quality control is ensured at every turn. With clear responsibilities and trusted teams, quality control is always there.


8. Teamwork at the helm


With many construction projects, you see disjointed workforces working off of different schedules, different expectations and different values. Design-build firms place teamwork up top, and each person builds upon the other for a truly cohesive project from start to finish.


At Gilbert + Burke, we’re proud to prioritize stunning design and impeccable craftsmanship right alongside powerful teamwork and clear communication. As a design-build firm that puts our customers first, we ensure involvement and excellence on each level, from start to finish. Contact us today to get started on your project. We’ll take each step with you, and we can’t wait.

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